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IEFF 2015 Participants


Mariachi Garibaldi & Ballet Folklorico

Mariachi Garibaldi is one of the best amateur mariachis in the world—they are the performing ensemble from the first school in the world to offer a college degree in mariachi music. Their performances consist of a wide variety of music, including traditional Mexican rancheras, sones, boleros and huapangos, but also music from around the world inspired by their many travels.

They performed Chinese folk music in China, Brazilan sambas in Brazil, and they are well known for their version of Hotel California that they have brought to many parts of the world including Russia, France, and Mexico.

When performing with ballet folkloric they present traditional Mexican dance and music at the highest level, celebrating the various regional dances and dresses of Mexico, including Veracruz, Jalisco, Nayarit, Nortena, Oaxaca, and others.

Our repertoire of music is very large and we change specific songs every 6 months. Here are some of our most popular dances like EL JARABE TAPATIO, LA BAMBA , EL PRINCIPIO, LA BRUJA, etc.



In the fall of 2008 the Mykolas Romeris University folk dancing group “Skalsa“ was formed. A group of enthusiasts of folk dancing established the dancing troupe. There were more than 50 students in the troupe. The group’s repertoire is composed of Lithuanian folk dances – a large part are the classics: “Kepurine,“ “Ruguciai,“ “Klumpakojis,“ and the latest “Šiaudai be grudu,“ and “Mintinis“.

While being quite young, “Skalsa” have managed to take part in a number of festivals, events at the university and the city of Vilnius.Taking part in international festivals in France, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Berlin & Mexico fastened folk dance group “Skalsa” to gather a musician’s ensemble and to create much more interesting programs to reflect the Lithuanian culture. So now we are stronger, more creative and with a new strength prepared a fabulous Lithuanian show and we are ready to perform in a new international scenes.

Dzūkija (Southeast Lithuania) Suvalkija (Southwest Lithuania) Žemaitija (Samogitia) the Klaipėda region.

„Skalsa“ will create a spectacular show, reflecting the Lithuanian cultural diversity and uniqueness of songs, dialects, costumes, music instruments, dances and games.


Folk Group Szamotuly

The folk group was founded in 1945 and since the beginning their purpose is to promote the native folklore and save the Szamotuly’s land of ancient cultural identity, giving great popularity and becoming a role model for folk groups across the country ranging in their repertoire after Szamotuly ‘s heritage.

Today our folk group counts on dancing and singing children, youth and adults from many towns of Szamotuly Country. Group members are not just dancers, they are also perfect musicians playing the instruments included in the traditional bands. We are awarded with Gold badge from the Ministry of culture for our service and contributions in the development of Culture.

The group was applauded among others in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, the Balkans, Scandinavia and many other European Countries and also in Turkey and Brazil. Song , dances and rituals selected from : Szamotuły and its region , Rzeszów and its region , Kurpie and its region. National dances: polonez , kujawiak , oberek


Amaka Yemenite Group

The Yemenite Troupe had started to get organized in the early 1970's and is working today within the framework of Mate Asher Regional Council, which located in the West Galilee. There are about 70 dancers in the troupe ranging between 20 to 60 years old. The troupe rehearses at Moshav Amka once a week. Yemenite Jewry is not only an ethnic group - it is a phenomenon.

The culture they preserved for so many years is rare in its richness. The Yemenite dance is unique and impressing with its beauty and delicacy. It is a functional dance & Chamber Dance, as it is danced in familial and religious ceremonies in closed places. The dance is inseparable from the singing, which is mostly taken from the "Diwan", a collection of poems in which the majority were written by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, the greatest of Yemenite Jewry's poets.

Groups has performed in many international festivals and toured Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Philippines, Thailand, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, Serbia, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Nepal, Italy and many more…


Folk Group Promyki

Established in the autumn 1998 - The Folk Dance Ensemble PROMYKI is a group representing Wieliszew Commune, Mazovian province, Legionowski County in central Poland cultivates Polish traditional & national dances and songs with traditional costumes. The ensemble consists of more than hundred young dancers. Members of the ensemble won many tournaments & National Championship titles.

In April 2013, the band celebrated its 15th anniversary. During of the jubilee concert organized for that occasion the ensemble presented dances of the thirteen regions of Poland. We are working with a lot of song and dance ensembles from all over the country and visited Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Greene, India, Bulgaria, Spain, & Macedonia.

The ensemble dance presentation (all in traditional regional or historical costumes), which are included in our repertoire: Polonaise, Krakowiak, dances of Rzeszów, Lublin, Łowicz, Opoczno, Kurpie, Kaszuby, Upper Silesia etnographic regions, dances from times of Old Warsaw and of Highlanders from Żywiec and Silesian Beskid.


Nona Asri Group

Nona Asri Indonesia is established in 2010 , one of group dance and music in Indonesia, always present dance and traditional music, which are very spectacular and very interesting you've never met. "Bhineka Tunggal Ika Dance" Dance and music is medley of the group which is very ethnic and interesting. The Group has collaborated and in cooperation with several schools, universities, and many art clubs, cultures lovers and communities, who are interested in preservation of cultural, with combination of expertness and experiences. We are also to build cooperation with worldwide country in order to introduce the artistic Indonesian culture.The group vision is to improve and to remain Indonesian culture in dance and music, working with a mission to introduce Indonesian culture to international world toward good relationship in cultural exchanges. Nona Asri Indonesia is one of group music and dance traditional of Indonesia, always present dance and music which very spectacular and very interesting you’ve never met.

The Group participated in national and international platforms of Seoul, South Korea, Brunnei Darassalam., Mexico, Australia, china, USA, Dubai, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Austria, Russia & Italy.



This group comes from the Capital City New Delhi. The groups are well known for their excellence with energetic and entertaining Classical performances, with young dancers.The group consists of nearly 100 members and actively participated at many National festivals and the group represented India with great pride.


Compania de Danza Folklorica Mexicana

The company is made up of students from different college degrees of the University. We are dedicated in providing high quality folklore exposure and understanding instructions in all facets of Mexican folk dance and music. Masters assess student’s strengths and areas for growth and apply teaching skills in such a way to maximize student’s enjoyment and help them reach their ultimate potential. We are here to motivate and develop young minds into the art of mexican Folklore Dance and Music.

Every year the group participates on the Huixquillocan festival. On Tlanepantla we participate on the Festival Muerte Viva (Living Death), and for every six months participate on the Winter and Spring Season on Park Teathre. When performing with ballet folkloric they present traditional Mexican dance and music at the highest level, celebrating the various regional dances and dresses of Mexico, including Veracruz, Jalisco, Nayarit, Nortena, Oaxaca, and others.

Dance forms have an historic context. Aztecs : Performance about our mexican past, the prehispanic ones. Yucatán : Represent our tradicional Day of the death. Chihuahua : Talks about the mexican revolution and the soldaderas,. Sinaloa : Represents the carnval, the happiness of mexican people.


Rhythm Masala

Rhythm Masala made a history with a New Guinness World Record of 50 hours non stop drumming marathon by performing on more than 40 International Drums at Durban music festival-South Africa, breaking their our own Guinness World record for 28 Hrs in 2001. We have received commendations for our drumming in Africa from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Rhythm Masala with its expert multi talented drummers comprises an array of World Percussion instruments 40 International Drums “Global Drumming” (Ethnic, Latin, Brazilian, African, Egyptian, Jamaican, Peruvian, Western and other International Drums) to liven up any festival with a pulsating power-packed fusion percussion concert.The Group performed in percussion concerts in Singapore & abroad for more than 20 years. Cultural Exchange Programme in Colorado USA and London. Arts Festivals in Singapore, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Sarawak, Africa, China & Mongolia.

The group will spice up the IEFF-New Delhi 2015 with the pulsating Fusion Tribal Drumming Concert with our Multi Talented Percussionist.


Ranranga Dance Academy

The Ranranga Dance Academy is a well recognized aesthetic institute in The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka since 1994, developing student’s expertise in traditional and folk dancing. The Academy has sent its artists to many festivals and functions held both at home and overseas. Up to now it has represented Sri Lanka in more than 30 international events recognized by international folk and cultural organizations.

The elegance and grace of Ranranga Academy’s performances have gained appreciation and approbation from many promoters. Performance of Sri Lanka folk dance traditions to international arenas will be very rewarding and the participants also receives tremendous exposure while participating.

Needless to state that such participation along will strength their confidence and moral attitude. More ever such cultural activities by Sri Lankan, as it would promote the image of the country and promote the tourism. Besides this will enhance the people to people connectivity which has been a major aspect in global cooperation. Our dance catalog shows Thelme Dance , Duwat , Pandama'' Torch ''Wesmoona'' Mask, etc.


Himalayan International Cultural Association

Himalayan International Cultural Association is a non-profit making organization that have been formed by a team of music enthusiasts to develop the local cultural heritage of Nepal since 2000. The target of the association is to establish more chapters in major cities of Nepal to promote and preserve Nepalese cultures of various ethnic groups. At present, there are 84 members from 4 cultural groups and expected to have gradual increment.

The folk group performs a variety of Mesmerizing Nepalese Traditional Dances such as KUMARI, DEVI-DAITYA SANGRAM (The War of Goddess and Demon), CHANDALIKA (The Story About Buddhist Religious), Mask Dance etc.